About Ashley


Hi! My name is Ashley, your guide to lotus living. Once upon a time, about 5 years ago, I embarked on a journey of self- healing and love and moved to Thailand where I was given the name บัวบาน or “blossoming lotus.” This healing journey is also my life’s path, I believe all of our paths, to truly love our selves unconditionally, to connect, and come home to ourselves. This is the work of yoga.  I cherish being “Bua” and living the Bua/lotus lifestyle, which to me is living mindfully, intentionally, compassionately, balanced, AWAKE, and in love with life. My passion is to serve, to hear your stories and to experience with you the full spectrum of being human on this crazy ride called LIFE!

The Lotus flower represents beauty, purity, peace of mind, compassion, awakening, freedom, divinity, love, and so much more! It is my hope and wish that you experience all of this and more and can everyday say, even when there are clouds in your sky and mud in the water, “I love myself and my life!”

In Gratitude & LOVE,

Ashley บัว